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How Y-OTP works?

WhatsApp OTP Service (inbound)
Users open up WhatsApp and receive an instant message that contains a unique OTP. All they need to do is click ‘send’ to verify. The users then get another WhatsApp message confirming verification has been completed.
WhatsApp OTP Service (outbound)
Verify your users using WhatsApp OTP service. An OTP will be sent to user’s registered number via WhatsApp with higher success rate and lower cost.
SMS OTP Service
Send OTP to your users using SMS. YCloud provides reliable OTP SMS services with high deliverability and low latency.
Voice OTP Service
Verify your users using voice OTP service. YCloud makes automated voice calls and plays a sequence of digits to verify the registered mobile numbers.

Why our all-in-one OTP service?

Low Cost Solution
Use WhatsApp verification instead of only relying on SMS. Pay as you scale and never overspend on your resources. Y-OTP can help you cut the cost and save money.
New Conversational Channel
After a verification using WhatsApp, you can use the “Session Message” feature to send promotional messages and useful notifications within 24 hours for free.
Paramount Security
Y-OTP can support frequency limit of OTP sending, fraud detection and real-time alerts when anything untoward happens, protecting you against fraudsters who forge false accounts and initiate SMS pumping or toll fraud.
Higher Verification Success Rate
Use all-in-one API to integrate multiple verification channels. Your customers can choose their preferred channels including WhatsApp, SMS, Voice call and Email, much more seamless and flexible.
More Features
Concise and intuitive API documents, real-time status reports, etc.
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Want to be the first to know when Y-OTP goes live?
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