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Voice code

Get your customers verified by an extra fold of security. Voice Code is quickly catching up as a favorite with YCloud customers.

More than one way to reach your customers

Voice Code, as a verification method, is able to deliver one-time-password (OTP) to your customers via a phone call in various verification scenarios:

New user registrations

Login sessions

Online transactions

Password reset

How companies benefit from Voice OTP?

Higher Conversion

Avoid customer attrition caused by the delay of the SMS verification code, creating a favorable impression.

Polished UX

Delight your customers with surprisingly smooth and fast verification without any interception.

Voice Failover

In combination with SMS verification, Voice-based authentication ensures your message delivery rates to be pushed close to 100 percent.

Audible UX

Improve the sensory experience leading with sight but not relegating solely to the visual elements.

Grow your business by details

Streamlined Process

No need to report to the local operator for file, simplifying your delivery process.

Intelligent Routing

Exclusive channels continuously optimized and troubleshot by global monitoring system, substantially increasing the deliverability.

Reliable Feedback

Delivery report will be pushed to your server in time, helping you to track every interaction with your customers.

Multiple Languages

10 languages for message broadcasting, respecting the preferences of local end-users.

Easy to access

Get verified in no time with only a few lines of code thanks to our simple Voice API working with our comprehensive global network.

Global Coverage

With our global coverage spanning 200+ countries, you can deliver your Voice OTP to end-users regardless of their location.

Economical and practical

Economical Voice services are selected when we discuss potential deliverability to take full advantage of your resources.

Additional Protection

Reach your customers directly, clearly, and exclusively through a phone call which prevents copying and keeps their info threat-free.

Simple, global, cost-effective
no compromise on security

Send emails with only a few lines of code

Activate your account

After you sign up, check your email, click a link, and you’re done.

Connect our Voice API within 30 min

Integrate API via our intuitive API documents and start sending.

Start sending

Then, a voice call with the OTP is on the way to your customer!

Pay as you go

Low top-up threshold of only 10 USD.

No expiration. No upfront costs. No cancellation fees.

Usage-based pricing with additional discounts for committed usage as you scale.

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