Founded in 2013
YCloud is a globally intelligent cloud communication provider specialized in SMS, MMS, Voice, RCS, Identity Authentication and Marketing Solutions, which powers enterprises a much easier business communication all over the world with a few lines of code. Businesses of all sizes - from startups to enterprises - benefit from YCloud with a reliable delivery to 217 countries/regions and 1500+ carriers with her safe, efficient, stable and professional cloud communication service.
As a member of GSMA
YCloud keeps a deep partnership with industry experts and peers, which enables her an extraordinary achievement in her global coverage, especially in China and Southeast Asia. And owing to her expert guidance and support, powerful API, innovative monitoring system and a resilient infrastructure built, YCloud has been trusted by many well-known enterprises such as ByteDance, UBER, Airbnb, L’OREAL, DJI and DFS, and stays ahead of the global competition. At present, a total of 180,000 enterprises and developers around the world have realized their business communications through YCloud APIs.
Key milestones
Founded in China
200+ countries business coverage
200 million of messages daily processed
Join the GSMA operator membership
180000 enterprises and developers registered