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Engage with customers, increase sales and drive growth by delivering high-quality communications on their preferred channels.

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Omni-channel marketing tools
with out-of-box features

We provide a series of marketing tools to optimize your marketing strategies, allowing you to engage customers at exactly the right moment. Make every penny benefit.

What you can benefit from
YCloud Marketing?

Global Schedule

Approach subscribers in different time zones with optimized messages at the perfect time. We help you monitor global marketing and sales limitations for regulatory and brand compliance to mitigate risk and ensure brand safety.

Unsubsriber filter

Manage your unsubscribe groups, We provide unsubscribe links and unsubscribe templates, protecting your messages deliverability and keeping your spam complaints to a minimum. Help you focus on valuable customers and get valuable feedback.

Higher Security and Compliance

Enhance Customer Engagement and Conversion


Two-way conversation for smoother transactions and higher conversion, improving customer satisfaction.

Track link

Track link turns long links into short, user-friendly and encrypted URLs. Make it easier to share and track your marketing link performance and analytics. Help you identify high-intent customers.

Visual statistics

Get access to visual statistics analysis for intensive data based on different countries/regions, helping you make data-driven decisions.

Convert high-intent customers

Help you identify prospective customers and transform your prospects into customers and your customers into regular customers. Optimize your conversion rate and drive growth.

Powerful Data Analytics

YCloud marketing through
customer journey


Fight fraud and build customer trust by verifying users over WhatsApp without having to memorize passwords. Improve the verification success rate and reduce the verification costs.


Send order notifications, thank you notes, bill reminders, etc. Get transaction status in real time.


Use track link to select high-intent customers for further marketing.


Build loyalty by offering them exclusive content like the latest offers and sneak previews.


Re-engage your customers by sending them special offers or highlighting the anniversary of subscription.

Why YCloud?

Global delivery

WhatsApp SMS EmailSend messages across over 200 countries around the world.

Quick response

24/7 support in no time. Our experts team will be always on hand to help you identify the source of any problems you may encounter.

Lowest cost ever

No software costs. No upfront costs. No cancellation fees. Only channel fee per message/conversation.

Customized service

We offer customized services and aim to provide a tailored experience. Please feel free to contact us.

Compliance and Regulation

All the tools of YCloud are built for personal data privacy and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). For instance, With the assistance of our Unsubscribe Filter and Global Schedule, you can be sure your business meets established compliance standards.

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