Developer-friendly email API
Stability and reliability
Statistical visualization
Great support as standard
Integrate email API in minutes
Integrate YCloud in just a few minutes and start sending and tracking emails via our all-in-one API. Our ready-to-go libraries are available in your preferred programming language and easy documentation to guide you all the way.
Say goodbye to email deliverability issues
YCloud can guarantee an availability of 98% uptime. Once you integrate with YCloud, you can count on us to get your emails delivered fast and reliably—so you can say goodbye to email delivery complications and go back to building great products.
Gather insights on your email performance
Leverage detailed dashboards that allow you to drill down on every phase of your email sends. Use our email analytics to retrieve advanced statistics including opens, clicks and more.
24×7 support you can always count on
Our knowledgeable support team will be always on hand to help you identify the source of any problems you may encounter. They will support you to maintain a stable system for increased deliverability and your long-term email program success.
Send emails with only a few lines of code
Step 1
Activate your account
After you sign up, check your email, click a link, and you’re done.
Step 2
Set up your own domain name
Add a couple DNS records and click to verify your domain.
Step 3
Start sending
Integrate API via our intuitive API documents and start sending.
Extras to maximize your sending
Dedicated IP addresses
While sending emails quickly is a necessity, it’s just as important to ensure they land in the inbox. You can upgrade your account to set up dedicated IP addresses, improving your deliverability rates and preventing reputation contamination.
YCloud products and APIs
Engagement always takes place across communication channels. Via robust YCloud platform, you can extend your customer communications across SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, Email and more.
Pay as you go
Low top-up threshold of only 10 USD.
No expiration. No upfront costs. No cancellation fees.
Usage-based pricing with additional discounts for committed usage as you scale.
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Ready to get started?
We’ve built our API to be simpler, faster and more robust. Wanna give it a try and send emails in no time? Start now!
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