: Zero-code Chatbot based on WhatsApp

Build chatbots with zero-code to address customer queries, enhance interaction, automate user connections, and handle tasks in service, marketing, and sales.

Visual interface
Design chat flows effortlessly with drag-and-drop, no coding required, go live with a single click.

Engage Your Customers in one place

  • Customer Service

    Enhance customer experience through an engaging chatbot flow. Understand customer inquiries through a series of questions and provide self-service options or assign an agent to resolve issues.

    Tailor Your Workflow with Diverse Components

    Various Entry Points

    Users can trigger the chatbot's automatic response flow through template messages, QR codes/link URLs, ad clicks, and the main menu.

    Conditional Branch

    Branch can be determined based on chat keywords, user attributes, and user intentions.

    Rich set of Actions

    Automatically execute tasks such as sending messages, adding tags, and transferring to human customer service based on specified conditions.

    Why YCloud?

    Start building your intelligent chatbot instantly with YCloud Chatbot, enhancing customer experience and supporting the development of your business.

    Extensive Integration

    Connect internal and external systems to build comprehensive chat logic through data integration.

    1-on-1 Chatbot Design

    Design bot flows based on the usage scenarios of your business to help achieve your business goals.

    Rich media

    Support various message types, including buttons, lists, images, videos, and more, providing users with a rich interactive experience.