Campaign : Turnkey Multi-Channel Campaign Tool

Throughout the entire marketing process, we offer a range of marketing tools that are ready to use. With support for multiple channels, our platform helps you reach the right audience at the right time with targeted messages.

Multi-channel Campaign

Optimize your marketing strategies, allowing you to engage customers at exactly the right moment. Make every penny benefit.


What can you do with the Campaign?

Launch Campaigns to a large number of customers at once to increase user engagement.

Launch Campaigns

Send marketing campaigns to keep your subscribers up-to-date on your latest promotions and products.

Send Notifications

Send transactional messages such as logistics and order confirmations to ensure customers stay informed of their order status and improve satisfaction.

Customer Care

Sending messages to customers to show care or offer special discounts can help you deepen your relationship with customers.

What you can benefit from YCloud Campaign?

Reach customers more efficiently

Bulk messaging

Support for bulk messaging, allowing you to reach a large number of target customers quickly.

Targeted customers campaign

Filter target customers from your contact list and send messages to them for better engagement.

Data security and compliance

Scheduled Messaging

Send messages according to international time zones to ensure brand safety and minimize risks by reaching subscribers at the appropriate times.


Manage your unsubscribe groups, We provide unsubscribe links and unsubscribe templates, protecting your message's deliverability and keeping your spam complaints to a minimum.

Powerful Data Analytics

Short URL

Convert your long URLs into short, encrypted links for enhanced security. Analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns by tracking the clicks of your customers.

Detailed reports

Intensive data report based on actual delivery, open and read data, segmented by country and delivery time.

Why YCloud?

Global delivery
Send WhatsApp SMS Email messages across over 200 countries around the world.
Quick response
24/7 support in no time. Our experts team will be always on hand to help you identify the source of any problems you may encounter.
Lowest cost ever
No software costs. No unfront costs. No cancellation fees. Only channel fee per message/conversation.
Customized service
We offer customized services and aim to provide a tailored experience. Please feel free to contact us.

Compliance and Regulation

All the tools of YCloud are built for personal data privacy and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). For instance, With the assistance of our Unsubscribe Filter and Global Schedule, you can be sure your business meets established compliance standards.

Need something specific?

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