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Empower your business on WhatsApp

Send verification, marketing and notification messages your customers need on WhatsApp. This API allows your businesses to communicate with customers at scale.

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So many smart ways to use the WhatsApp API

Engage with the WhatsApp community of 2B+ active mobile users across the world

Secure verification

Fight fraud and build customer trust by verifying users over WhatsApp without having to memorize passwords. Improve the verification success rate of and reduce the verification costs.

Rich promotional messages

Move your email marketing to WhatsApp and take advantage of up to 75% read rates and 15% click-through rates. Maximize marketing effect and achieving business growth.

Proactive alerts and notifications

Send order, shipping confirmations, tickets, receipts, delivery updates, and more at a fraction of the cost of traditional messaging channels, while achieving high open rates.

Drive business outcomes

Use conversations to aim up sales and deliver personal experiences, improving business outcomes at every stage of the customer journey.

Support customers on WhatsApp

Give your support team the ability to engage and assist customers on WhatsApp Business. 80% of inquiries can be addressed without involving a voice call, reducing associated operational costs.

How companies benefit from WhatsApp API?

With 175 million people messaging businesses daily, WhatsApp is the ideal place to meet customers.

Why YCloud WhatsApp API?

YCloud WhatsApp API hides the complexity of scaling WhatsApp conversations

Hassle-free integration

Our easy-to-go onboarding process will help you complete registration process of WhatsApp for Business in no time. Via YCloud API, sending WhatsApp messages is a breeze.

Rich media

Add more context to your conversations by sending and receiving screenshots, files, videos, locations and more, enriching customer experiences.


YCloud has established a long-term cooperative relationship with WhatsApp, becoming one of the WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSP)


Gain the flexibility to access YCloud API and connectivity services. Via YCloud API, you can integrate WhatsApp Business with other applications, like Zapier.

Pay as you go

YCloud doesn’t add any markup fee on messages sent or received. We are definitely ideal choice for businesses looking for a BSP with affordable WhatsApp Business pricing.

Lowest cost ever!

With YCloud, you can send WhatsApp messages on a pay-as-you-go basis and enjoy additional discounts for committed usage as you scale. More cost-effective compared with other WhatsApp BSPs.

Designed for developers

As WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, you can add all the capabilities of WhatsApp to your existing system via YCloud WhatsApp API.Our WhatsApp API is easy to integrate and requires low coding. You can manage your communications without having to make any changes.

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