Verify API:Simplify authentication, boost success rate

Validate users over popular channels including SMS, Email, Voice code and WhatsApp anywhere in the world with our fully-managed API, which is reliable and has a high success rate.

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How Verify API works

A multi-channel user verification solution in one turnkey API

Verification channels

Integrate one single API in just a few minutes to generate, deliver, and quickly authenticate users over their preferred channels.


Deliver OTPs via WhatsApp with higher success rate and lower cost, without worrying any carrier block issues.


Send OTPs via SMS with scalability across all devices and global locations.


Send OTPs via voice call using text to speech, in localized languages.


Allows users to authenticate themselves by clicking an email magic link or using OTP.

What will you build with YCloud Verify?

Safeguard account creation & management

Implement Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) via mobile device before users can create an account on your platform.

Ensure your user's data is safe with required authentication when logging in. Much more secure than username and password combinations.

Secure transaction & PSD2 compliance

Increase security at important milestones such as transactions or processing signatures.

Stay PSD2 compliant by enabling transaction verifications for online purchases greater than 30 euros in the European Economic Area.

Further conversation & engagement

After a verification using WhatsApp, you can use the “Session Message” feature to send interactive and promotional messages within 24 hours for free.

Offer more promotions and boost your purchase conversions.

Why YCloud Verify API?

A simple solution to passwordless verification at scale


Quickly integrate Verify API with our intuitive documentation, Simplify authentication at scale

A fully-managed API that can be easily integrated into your app, as well as connect multi-applications

We do all the stuff for you: generate the verification code, store it, check the expiration, and do the validation

Preset message templates in 12 languages and sender IDs

Monitor delivery rates, conversions and latency

High conversions &
lower cost

The YCloud Verify solution is much more reliable and economic than traditional methods

The delivery rate of WhatApp messages is up to 98%, taking less than 1 second.

It's cheaper to send verification codes over WhatsApp in most countries and regions

Raise the success rate through multi-channels


Mitigate fraud at any scale to protect your user's data and business with native anti-fraud settings

Enhance security by suspecting fraud and automatically monitoring traffic

Customize rate limits, geo-permissions, and blacklists control.

Our features at a glance

Cyber security threats are serious and growing issues. Our Verify solution lets you use OTPs with ease and add an additional layer of protection to online actions. Get low prices, exceptional security and a powerful all-in-one API for all your verification with YCloud.

Easy API integration

Our simple API allows you to integrate Verify solution seamlessly into your website, app or mobile service.

Global coverage

Send OTP across over 200 countries across the world. Stay connected with your users, no matter their location.

Guaranteed delivery

Ensure time-sensitive OTP sending via mobile networks worldwide and cloud-based platform, for exceptional speed and rates of delivery.

Global carrier‑approved messages

Use carrier‑approved templated messages to eliminate carrier message filtering. Easily send messages globally using YCloud’s automatic translation and global regulations compliance.

Customized Sender IDs

Send from short codes or use tailored alphanumeric sender IDs for instant recognition.

Detailed reporting

Keep track of every password delivered across your account in real time through web-based dashboard, user friendly and easy to implement.

24/7 technical support

Our in-depth documents provides everything a developer needs to integrate our Verify API into workflow.And if you need it, our human customer service is always on hand.

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What will it cost?

With YCloud, you can send verification OTPs on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no hidden extras. Visit our Pricing page to see what it will cost.

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