Incredible benefits of Bulk SMS marketing for business

We all know the fact that mobile phones are ruling our digital world and NOMOPHOBIA (NO MObile PHone PhoBIA) is exceedingly common in contemporary society – your potential customers are looking at their phones. Hence, mobile-focused marketing is becoming a huge must for every business who wants to achieve real success in today’s mobile world. 

But there is also another cruel fact that your customers are confronted with too much information everyday and becoming more sensitive, conscious and selective when they try a product or service. Plus, customers don’t have much time to spare and are reluctant for any cumbersome marketing activity. As a result, it has become so important but challenging to market your product or service in the right way. 

So, is there any channel that can help you gain efficiency in marketing your business? Of course there is. You can opt for bulk SMS marketing. As we all know, SMS is one of the best methods used these days to make an outbound access to the customers, which is mostly short, succinct and are likely to be read by the customers. And bulk SMS marketing is an assurance that both your existing clients and potential customers can be reached effortlessly, instantly and at all geographical locations. 

Want to convince your team that bulk SMS marketing is the right way to go? Here are 5 big benefits no one wants to miss out on.

Efficient and impactful marketing tool

We cannot deny the fact that mobile is the sweetheart for modern people. Compared with checking emails, answering phone calls, checking application-based messages, logging into social media, SMS checking is pretty easy, comfortable, and a must for customers. Customers heavily rely on messages to receive various notifications, alerts, information from their banks, credit card service providers, workplaces, insurance service providers, etc. It makes it compulsive for customers to check the message as soon as it is received. So, the probability is very much high, in some cases, it’s up to 100 percent that a recipient will check the content of SMS once it gets delivered to his or her mobile phone. No other marketing tool is as efficient and as impactful as Bulk SMS for business. 

Instant delivery

Gone are the days of waiting and waiting. We need everything without any delay. The same principle also applies to marketing. Once you have collected the database of your customers, it is very easy to reach your target customers instantly with the help of Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS can be very helpful in retaining the customers as well as in generating new customers. Now the business has no time to wait for feedbacks and receiving the report. Even radio and television marketing takes time, and you are not sure your potential target audience is whether watching or listening to your marketing advertisements or not. However, Bulk SMS is instantly delivered to the targeted audience and you become assure that probability is very high for recipients to read the message.

Cheaper than others

The cost of an advertisement does matter the most for any business. In addition to the high reliability and readability, Bulk SMS is cheaper than the other marketing tools. You just need to put in minimal investment to get this service, and the returns you yield are very high. Also, the factor that helps in making the idea of bulk SMS work is, you can use it according to the scale of your business. With such autonomy, you can easily take your business ahead with the help of an effective outbound approach to the customers. There is an extreme amount of competition among the top Bulk SMS service providers worldwide. However, we would advise you to not avail the service of a very cheap bulk SMS service provider considering the only cost factor. Choose your Bulk SMS company by applying all checks and balances. 


The reliability of any marketing tool makes it very popular and beneficial for all the stakeholders. Unlike email, Bulk SMS provides more reliability. Email Service provides various tools to filter the email based on the content, email address, location, frequency, time, usability, and user preference. That’s why it is probable that your email marketing message might be landing in a spam folder where a person rarely bothers to visit. Email is also not user friendly as SMS. Still many parts of our country are not covered by high-speed internet all the time. It makes it difficult for companies to target their audience through email marketing. 

Higher open rate and conversion

Although email marketing is considered as one of the most efficient ways to reach people, the fact is that only a small percentage of emails are actually opened. The same risk does apply for SMS marketing, but since messages are coming directly to a device people are so attached to, and they don’t require Internet to be opened and read,  this risk pays off. The open rate of bulk SMS marketing has been reported to be as high as 99% compared to around 20% for emails. People open nearly every SMS message they receive, while many delete an email without opening it. Since bulk SMS provide you with high readability, the conversion rate is also higher. If you are using the bulk SMS marketing, then you can ensure sustainable business growth. This rate is high among all audiences like rural, urban, educated, uneducated, or any income background, gender, or others.

Not availing of this service is like losing a large market base and high business prospects. Contact the most reliable and cost-effective Bulk SMS provider and enquire about the best suitable solution and service for your business.

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