How to Get WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?[2023]

In today’s business world, brand image and credibility are crucial in expanding an enterprise. However, many companies need help to present a more intuitive and trustworthy brand image to increase acceptance.

Is there an official verification path for WhatsApp business accounts that can solve this problem for enterprises?

The answer is yes – the “Green Tick Verification” of WhatsApp business accounts.

01 What is the Green Tick Verification of WhatsApp Business Accounts?

The Green Tick Verification of WhatsApp Business is an enterprise verification mark provided by WhatsApp. After verification, there will be a green checkmark next to your account information. This green checkmark indicates to the outside world that your WhatsApp business account has been officially certified and is an honest and trustworthy enterprise account.

02 Advantages of Green Tick Verification Accounts

The Green Tick Verification has the following key advantages:

  • The officially issued green tick has a certification effect, which can gain the trust of users. Therefore, users are more inclined to accept messages initiated by the enterprise and are more willing to opt-in.
  • Verified enterprises can establish user trust in the WhatsApp community and can use the newly launched channel function to obtain more private traffic.
  • Verified enterprises with a green tick have lower risks of being blocked or reported by users, which can help enterprises build more complete and efficient brand and marketing strategies.

03 What are the Characteristics of Green Tick Verification Accounts?

  • The verified WhatsApp Business account name will have a green checkmark next to it as proof of official certification.
  • If it is an unverified enterprise contact number, users can only see the sender’s phone number in the dialogue box. However, the verified WhatsApp business account will display the brand name directly.
  • All verified WhatsApp enterprises need to use the WhatsApp API, as enterprises with a WhatsApp API account can only complete the verification process.

04 How to Obtain the Green Tick Verification?

You need to meet the following requirements and directly verify your enterprise for free through the WhatsApp Business Manager.


  • Your enterprise is a company with multiple employees;
  • You must use WhatsApp Business API;
  • You must enable two-step verification;
  • You should have a verified enterprise account on Facebook;
  • You also need to ensure that WhatsApp reaches the second level of message delivery;
  • In order to ensure that the enterprise does not send spam to customers and to ensure high-quality customer communication, you must also have a good brand reputation, a strong website, and external links to well-known domains.

As an external BSP, YCloud cannot participate in Meta’s internal qualification review process, but we can assist you in completing the verification process and provide ongoing help without charging any service fees. Before the green checkmark verification process, WhatsApp will review the display name of your enterprise to ensure that it complies with policies. YCloud will help you ensure that the name is related to your domain name and complies with WhatsApp’s business policies, saving enterprise time and energy.

05 FAQ on Green Tick Verification

Q: Do I need to pay any fees to verify my account?

A: The charging situation of different BSPs is different. YCloud does not charge extra fees for WhatsApp green tick verification. It should be noted that WhatsApp API is not free. Read our article on WhatsApp API pricing for more information.

Q: How long does it take to get a verified WhatsApp account?

A: Generally, WhatsApp takes one to two days to process verification requests. If supplementary or modified materials are required, it takes 30 days to resubmit.

Q: Why was my green tick verification application rejected?

A: There are two main reasons for the rejection of an application:

  • Your brand did not provide enough materials to prove public relations or website online traffic.
  • Your display name is unrelated to the brand.

Q: What kind of enterprises are suitable for applying for the Green Tick Verification of WhatsApp Business Accounts?

A: Large and medium-sized enterprises such as well-known brands, international organizations, government departments, etc., can display the green tick certification on WhatsApp to increase their online credibility, and ensure that users know that they are interacting with legitimate entities.

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