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2.44 billion

active users

With 200 million people sending messages to business accounts every day. Allows conversations without having to add friends, making it an ideal place to meet customers.

  • 8+

    Rich media

    WhatsApp supports rich features, including text, images, videos, audio, links, PDFs, lists, and location. Delivering compelling conversations.

  • 70%

    Reduced cost

    Compared to traditional channels, WhatsApp charges per conversation, with only one charge for conversations within 24 hours, and no charge for failed messages.

  • 75%

    Reading rate

    On average, users open WhatsApp 23 times per day, which means that messages sent will have up to a 75% read rate and a 15% click rate.

  • One time password

    Using WhatsApp for verification messages ensures high delivery rates, with no charges for undelivered messages and protection against telecom network fraud.
  • Promotional Messaging

    Reach a wider audience and boost conversion rates by leveraging WhatsApp's Rich media to showcase your product advantages through engaging marketing messages.
  • Conversational Sales

    Engage in personalized one-on-one communication with customers, generating qualified leads and driving sales conversions while seamlessly syncing with your CRM.
  • Conversational Support

    Empower your service team or AI chatbot to receive and respond to customer inquiries through WhatsApp, providing seamless and intimate support services.
  • Transactional Notifications

    Send essential notification messages to customers in real-time, such as order confirmations, delivery updates, and payment reminders, keeping them informed.
  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Node
  • Go
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WhatsApp API

Get started in no time

Designed specifically for developers, easily integrate WhatsApp Business into your system by leveraging its support for popular coding languages. This allows you to swiftly send and receive WhatsApp messages

Engage Your Customers in one place


Attract customers through broadcast campaigns, utilizing interactive instant messaging to elevate marketing efforts and generate more clicks, potential leads, and sales.

  • Import contacts from spreadsheets or CRM.
  • Add personalized parameters to create customized marketing messages.
  • Insightful broadcast campaign reports.


Seamlessly integrates with all your work tools

Maximize the utility of YCloud by connecting your store, CRM, and other key channels, allowing you to perform all your work from a centralized platform.

Why YCloud ?

  • Run in minutes
    You can create a WhatsApp Business Account in 5 minutes with our streamlined self-service process and start your business immediately.
  • Professional support
    We offer 7/24 online support in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, etc, and instant help from a real human.
  • Intimate solution
    Match one-on-one business docking, provide operational advice and strategies, teach hand-in-hand, and help customers succeed.
  • Easy integration
    Gain the flexibility to access YCloud API and connectivity services. Via YCloud API, you can integrate WhatsApp Business with other applications, like Zapier.

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Success Stories

High-value, high-speed customer care

Vodafone has integrated TOBI, an autonomous learning smart assistant powered by IBM Watson, into WhatsApp. Allowing their customers to interact via WhatsApp avoids waiting when contacting the call center, greatly improving the customer experience while saving costs.

  • 57% customer queries solved on first contact
  • 52% automation rate, contributing to cost savings
  • 10% of call center volumes shift to messaging after only six months
Source: WhatsApp Offical

High productivity and read rates

When Merco Supermercado adopts WhatsApp Business Platform, the company makes customer service faster, improves employee productivity, and increases engagement with its digital marketing to help boost brand loyalty among shoppers.

  • 67% of customer care inquiries are resolved
  • 40% improvement in employee productivity
  • 70% increase in marketing database
  • 58% read rates for opted-in customers
Source: WhatsApp Offical

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