: WhatsApp-based Customer Service Desk

YCloud Inbox is a user-friendly customer service desk that offers online conversations, customer management, and statistical analysis to help businesses effectively improve team efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Simple and user-friendly

Streamline customer conversations and improve work efficiency effortlessly.

Features never let you miss

Our inbox offers all the crucial functions your support team needs

Shared inbox

Talk to your customers and your team from one place. Communicate internally and resolve customer queries effectively.

Agent auto assignment

Enable multiple human agents on the same WhatsApp account and automatically assign online agents to customers to ensure quick response and resolution of customer needs.

Customer data

The chat window supports convenient customer information recording and viewing, providing your team with rich audience context and segmentation features to personalize the customer experience.

Analysis reports

Supports rich statistical dimensions. You can grasp the performance of the support team and discover new solutions for management improvement.

Rich media

Inbox integrates with the official WhatsApp Cloud API from Meta. You can send and receive video, audio, files and location to your customers.

Easy integration

YCloud Inbox is an open customer service desk that provides APIs and Webhooks to help you integrate with other applications or customer service bots.

Boost productivity and customer satisfaction exponentially

Make your team more efficient and collaborative without switching between platforms.

Canned Responses

Use pre-set replies to respond to frequently asked questions from customers quickly, letting your team answer customer questions quickly and accurately.

I need help on how to use canned responses!

Swiftly run actions with your keyboard, and perform your regular actions like resolving a conversation or snoozing it until the next reply.

Hit cmd/ctrl + K to access
Team Collaboration

Communicate with your teammates without leaving Chatwoot. Simply, use private notes to mention your colleagues and chat with them about your customer conversations.

Private Note
@Ivan Pedro
Can you please take a look at this one?

Set up Automation Rules to handle all the grunt work, allowing agents to focus on more important customer service tasks.

Why YCloud?

Customized service

We can supports multiple channels, mobile devices, and more to help you interact with customers in the ways that suit you best. We're here to provide personalized support whenever you need it.

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Free and easy to use

No additional costs or complicated setups, you only pay for the messages you send. We make it simple and cost-effective for businesses to improve team productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Professional support

24/7 support in no time. Our expert team will be always on hand to help you identify the source of any problems you may encounter.

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Highly praised by small and big teams

Jenny Wilson
Customer Service Manager

"Using Inbox helped us grow our business by about 10 times. It made getting feedback super easy. Intercom, on the other hand, felt more like a marketing tool than a useful chat app. We wanted something that could actually help us, and Inbox was it."

Brooklyn Simmons
Customer Service Manager

"Inbox is a crucial tool that allows us to have real-time conversations with customers and solve their problems, which not only drives the conversation forward but also boosts customer satisfaction."

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