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To chat through WhatsApp, you usually need to know the other person's phone number, save it on your mobile device, and search for it to start a conversation.

With YCloud's Growth Tool, these steps are simplified, customers only need to click a link or scan a QR code to launch WhatsApp for chatting.

By using simple settings, you can preset Custom message and automatic Quick reply.

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How to use the growth tool?

Helps businesses quickly connect with customers through online or offline campaigns.

Issue vouchers

Present a discount QR code on product packaging or on the website. Set up rewards or discounts to attract more users to participate.

Scan to Preview

(with a mobile phone that has WhatsApp)

How do companies benefit from Growth Tool?

More effective and friendly ways to obtain customer contact information Of course, it's totally compliance.

Multi-channel collection of customer information.

Don't miss any channel entrances. Collect customer contact information on official websites, apps, advertising pages, and offline stores, to seize every potential customer.

Obtain customer information in compliance.

Through our Growth Tool, customers can take the initiative to start conversations, which will not cause disgust and complaints. Obtain customer contact information in compliance.

100% valid contacts

Avoid ineffective lead collection. WhatsApp leads collected through conversation are 100% valid and contactable mobile phone numbers.

Statistical data source

By creating different small tools for delivery, customer sources can be counted. Help analyze customer intentions.

Quick response to customers' demands

After the customer initiates a conversation, the system automatically replies to the message. Growth Tool can support large numbers of customers to access at the same time.

Tag customers

Customize labels for collected customer information. Automatically complete customer classification

The tool is completely free!

The Growth Tool only charges low conversation fees, and each conversation can last for 24 hours! Make full use of it, you can get more leads and increase sales. See conversation pricing

Professional business solutions

Contact experts to get WhatsApp solutions tailored to your industry.

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